Rotary Screen printing

Rotary screen printing involves pressing printing paste or ink through the mesh on a cylindrical screen into the fabric. It consists of a screen engraved for each color and loaded into our rotary screen printer for high speed and high-quality textile printing. A continuous method of printing in which a performed cylindrical screen is used to apply color. The Rotary screen printing machine ensures high-quality results with single or multi-color printing on different substrates such as home textile, Fashion, etc. much more.

When the cloth is to be printed, this cylinder will sit on the fabric and start to rotate so that the entire screen on the fabric is printed. The color of the screen is the same as the screen needed. 100 meters of cloth is wrapped in this process.

Process of Rotary screen printing

Rotary screen printing machine which is used as printing machine seamless cylindrical screen made of metal foils. The Screen machine printing for each color, as in flat screen printing, and design for each rotary screen, is made in a manner similar to automatic flat screen printing. How the whole process is done, let's discuss

The process of Rotary screen printing is as follows

  • First step while fabric which is to print is fed under tension into the printer section of the machine, and the back is usually coated with an adhesive which causes it to adhere to a conveyor printing.
  • The fabric is then passed under the rotating screen through which the printing paste is pumped.
  • Printing paste is automatically pumped from the pressure tank
  • Sequence in each rotary screen forces the paste through the paste into the fabric as it moves along as rates of up to 100 yards per minutes
  • The fabric material is passed into the drying oven for drying
  •  Curing and washing are done as a part of finishing
<Rotary screen printing

Uses of Rotary Screen printing machine

The first thing to understand that the Rotary screen printing machine is highly utilized in the Textile industry. We can say that a Rotary screen printing machine is being used in all textile printing activities and needs a large amount of materials for one day.

Advantages of Rotary screen printing

    • It is convenient to load and unload the rotary screen, register, and add pulp; therefore, less labor is required.
    • With a high yield, matching color number has fewer constraints
    • With the support of the blade and roller incorporated into one system, our screen fabric printing machine. It is effortless to use and maintain
    • Many 24 colors can be printed by this method, but can print 8 to 10 colors quickly,
    • Hall tone effects and the vertical line can be produced very successfully by this method
    • Production of printed materials by this method is the highest
    • The machine can work in the rainy season also is one of the best advantages for the textile industry.

Rotary printing machine manufacturer in Ahmedabad

We are one of the leading Rotary printing machine manufacturers in Ahmedabad. Our offered machine is specially designed with minimum moving parts to make it long-lasting and trouble-free operation. The machine can trickster repeat height and full printing width and, with the help of a ruling device, transfer repeat height and apart of printing width. The machine has a nice feature that can be simple and easy to install, highly durable, long-lasting, low maintenance cost, less labor work, more productivity much more. The Rotary printing machine is available in various grade, fully-automatic and semi-automatic, manual according to our customers' necessity. The Rotary printing machine is highly utilized in the textile industry. One end of the robust frame contains a drive motor, clutch, electronic controls. The motor drives a ground shaft carrying the inflatable tube and rotary screen. We provide everything from the complete installation of new printing lines to upgrades of existing equipment. We offer this at a cost-effective rate.

Rotary Screen printing machine price in India

The price of a Rotary screen printing machine highly depends upon the necessity of the client. There is various type of machine available like automatic and manual rotary screen printing machine—the approx. the starting rate of the Rotary screen printing machine is 70,000 INR, and it depends upon the machine's functionality.